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Included track was created using only sounds from the Fortis Calore pack, except snares and hats. Raining down on you with more than 195 presets it delivers the warmth and power of Knifonium. Warm your production up to the very bones!
Fortis Calore 400 presets include: • Arp 10 (+12 Bonused) • Bass 20 (+19 Bonused) • FX 30 (+8 Bonused) • Kick 15 (+29 Bonused) • Lead 20 (+6 Bonused) • Pad 50 (+75 Bonused) • Pluck 50 (+56 Bonused)
!Pay attention! The Knifonium is quite capricious to an octave it performs in or due to voices amount you set. According to my system possibilities presets mainly are set to 4 voices so some presets may seem too high or too low for you as they initially were designed in a different octave. All is simple, just try another octave and change count of voices according your possibilities.
Specification Formats PAPRESET, NKSF System Requirements Knifonium by Knif Audio Display resolution: 1440×900px or 1280×960px or higher Memory: 2 GB RAM Supported Operating Systems macOS 10.9 through 11 Windows 7 through 10 Mac Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended) PC x64-compatible CPU
© 2021 Copyright OCTO8R. All Rights Reserved.