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Included track was created using only sounds from the 'Analog Journey' pack, except 3 snares. Giving you 245 presets it may become really handy producer pack. Grab your copy and enjoy your Journey into the world of the Analog.
Analog Journey 245 presets include: • Arp 5 • Bass 20 (+14 Bonused) • FX 10 (+3 Bonused) • Hat 5 • Kick 10 (+7 Bonused) • Lead 10 (+5 Bonused) • Pad 50 (+ 36 Bonused) • Piano 5 • Pluck 50 (+15 Bonused)
!Pay attention! The bx_oberhausen is quite capricious to an octave it performs in or due to voices amount you set. According to my system possibilities presets mainly are set to 4 voices so some presets may seem too high or too low for you as they initially were designed in a different octave. All is simple, just try another octave and change count of voices according your possibilities.
Specification Formats PAPRESET, NKSF System Requirements bx_oberhausen by Brainworx Display resolution: 1440×900px or 1280×960px or higher Memory: 2 GB RAM Supported Operating Systems macOS 10.9 through 11 Windows 7 through 10 Mac Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended) PC x64-compatible CPU
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