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Untrapped Eternity

In my songs I'm trying to depict a thorough narration of travelling amidst human beings' morale falling. You are sheer welcomed herein for discovery all the pinnacles of sugared filth and U-downs of dirty bliss on the roller coaster we call life.



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This presets pack for bx_oberhausen features a wide range of presets allowing you to enjoy the personal journey into the world of legendary Oberheim SEM represented and recreated by Brainworx team. I hope this bank may come in handy as a useful starter-package with 245 presets on the board. 

Presets include:
    Arp 5
    Bass 20 (+14 Bonus)
    FX 10 (+3 Bonus)
    Hat 5
    Kick 10 (+7 Bonus)
    Lead 10 (+5 Bonus)
    Pad 50 (+ 36 Bonus)
    Piano 5
    Pluck 50 (+15 Bonus)

BX_Oberhausen plugin in AAX Native, AU, VST2 or VST3

!Pay attention:
The bx_oberhausen is quite capricious to an octave it performs in or due to voices amount you set. According to my system possibilities presets mainly are set to 4 voices so some presets may seem too high or too low for you as they initially were designed in a different octave, either presets may lack some notes from MIDI you play. All is simple, just try another octave and change count of voices according your hardware possibilities.

Read the installation guide.


Enjoy 60 key labeled tunes for free.

Keys include:
- A Maj, F#
- Ab Maj, F min
- B Maj, G# min
- Bb Maj, G min
- C Maj, A min
- D Maj, B min


Diversify your creativeness by adding wavetables and presets.
For now this pack includes:

35 WAV wavetables
35 Bitwig Polymer wavetables 
5 Bitwig Polymer Pads
5 Bitwig Sampler Pads
15 Bitwig Sampler Plucks

Updates are about to be continued...

Read the installation guide.


Morph your drum loops into an unpredictable, vast riot by 35 presets of iZotope Trash 2.

Updates are about to be continued...

Read the installation guide.


Inject one shots into your drum library.
For now this pack includes:

20 808s
15 Kicks
10 Snares

Updates are about to be continued...


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